You have voted for the most popular cars in Europe.

The fastest:
winner: Ferrari LaFerrari

With over 800 HP under the hood, LaFerrari dominates in the category "fastest car" in comparison to its competition and that with good reason: In less than 3 seconds this Ferrari top model can accelerate to 100 km/h and in less than 15 seconds upwards of 300 km/h. With stats like this, there’s no wonder that this top of the line Ferrari dominated the category.

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The most economical:
winner: Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid

This dynamic Hybrid from the Japanese automaker needs only 3,7 Liters of fuel per 100 Kilometers of travel. This is a super gas saver and a gem for navigating city traffic. The public has voted and clearly this Toyota is a favorite having been voted the best in its category.

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The cheapest:
winner: Opel Adam

This small city buzzer from Opel is not only known for its Multimedia and its one of a kind individualization options rather it’s also a super gas saver. The cheapest model is already available starting at 11.750 € making the Adam a super bargain.

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The best electric car:
winner: BMW i8

Dynamic, sporty, efficient and economical: These are all attributes that make up this new sporty innovation from Munich and with that win the title of the best hybrid model in the class “best electric car”. The BMW i8 boasts a powerful 362 PS hybrid motor, accelerating it to 100km/h in a mere 4,4 seconds.

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The best car
winner: Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Coupé

All features within this winning car guarantee unrestrained driving enjoyment. The combination of luxurious interior, great driveability and elegant exterior are what make this flagship model from Mercedes-Benz the best car in this year´s award category “best car”.

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Special category "Design"
Citroën C4 Cactus

The C4 Cactus is presenting itself suprisingly unconventional. The eye catchers are the coloured airbumps at the flanks of the car and the LED-daytime running lights. Its exterior isn´t so clearly classifiable and seems like a combination of a compact car and an SUV. Hence, the design of the C4 cactus breaks ranks compared to similar cars.

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Special category "Future"
BMW Laserlight

The new laserlight technology impresses one through its high energy efficiency and luminous power: BMW is promising 30 percent less energy consumption and lower weight compared to LED-technology. Thus far however, the new technology is only available as an optional i8-feature.

About the Internet Auto Award

The internet Auto award is an Online – Audience Award. The Award is based on an evaluation by participants choosing between 5 different Automobile categories. Contestants who perform with the highest score respectively to other participants will be awarded with the Online – Audience ward for the most popular car amongst all participants. This Internet Auto Award is the biggest of its kind in Europe and is being held every year in April 2014. Since then it has been awarded 12 times by AutoScout24. The survey takes place within 2 months in 8 different European Countries. The trophy that is being given away is called CAROLINA. Its delicate and graceful appearance combined with its special Design creates a great connection to the Automobile –Theme.